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Ron Windward





what can i say , took me back to my childhood and had many a laugh whilst reading. Cant wait for the next edition
Hello Ron

I just loved the Toffs in the tenement, i was born in Bernard St in 1954 and went to Queen Mary St school, your book took me right back to my childhood and evoked really strong memories and feelings especially your vivid descriptions of a single end flat with the recess bed etc, I laughed out loud so many times throughout the book with my favourite being the trip to the carnival on Glasgow Green which was really hilarious.

Please,please please let me know when i can buy The Toffs in the towerblock

Absolutely marvelous Ron

Boston USA
Hello. I was absolutely gobsmacked to see some of the footage in your "rare" footage. One of the scenes is Shetleston swing park, I had been telling people for years that the chute was that huge but no one believed me. I may well be one of the children on the swings as one of the wee lassies looks very much like myself. What a tremendous time I have had watchong the short video and what a huge smile it put on my face.
Thank you so very much and now I really have to go but the toffs in the tenements.

My utmost warmest regards to you.

Ann Best.
Just watched the braveheart video on you tube and i am still laughing as i write this.
Hilarious Ron,
Judy from Westhill Aberdeen
!0 out of ten Ron.

Just finshed the Toffs in the tenement and thought it was absolutely brilliant, the barra's,the glesga green, a sheer joy to read, brought back lovely memories of my childhood in Finnart St Bridgeton.

Well done Ron!

Braveheart oan you tube.....LMFAO!!!!!!!
Just watched the Braveheart video on you tube
Classic!!!! Ron

Ive just showed my wife and she has sent the link to her sister in Boston USA,
My neighbours were killing themselves laughing but i dont think they understood it, they are from London.

Great Ron keep it up, i have just subscribed to your you tube channel and facebook page.

John from Sydney, Australia
Loved the TV Programmes from the 60s, your video on You Tube is a masterpiece, I laughed out loud and I don't do that often.
love it . big time .
many big thank you.s great site .
Hi Ron
just finished the Toffs in the Tenement and just wanted to let you know that it was the funniest and most enjoyable book i have read about Bridgeton and the tenements, I live in Christchurch NZ and there are a lot of Scots here, i will be making sure they know about the Toffs in the Tenement,
For the record i am originally from Fairbairn St and moved over here in 1978 from Castlemilk.

Really enjoyed it Ron,and can't wait for the Toffs in the Towerblock.

Thanks and all the best from NZ

hi ron, am an auld guy (81} an i was born in ruby st,number 60 next tae the certainly
jogged ma memories of those days in brigton.i was a caur driver and i also worked in sir william arrolls.ive been up here in beauly since 1960 but i often wish i had never left the dear green place. china.
Hi From Boston, USA Ron
Just finished the toffs in the tenement and had to let you know i thoroughly enjoyed it,i have lived here now for 26 years and your book brought back all the memories from the tenements i lived in on London Rd next to Fordnuek St bus garage, the characters are brilliant,(especially Mrs Campbell )and the trip to the barra's was hilarious a fabulous read and VERY funny.

All the very best Ron

Dougie fae boston.
Hi Ron
I had to leave a note to say how much i enjoyed The toffs in the tenement, i laughed from start to finish, I read it on my kindle and have just ordered 3 paperback and 1 hardback copy for my Scottish friends here in Dubai, the trip to the Barra's was superb, i have lived here now for 8 years and your book brought back happy memories of my childhood in Reid St Bridgeton in the 1960s
When will the toffs in the towerblock be available ? I will definitely be first in line whenever it is.
Hello Ron
Just finished reading your book and i am still laughing,I am chairman of the Scots club here in Manitoba, Canada and i willl be putting a note in our next bulletin recommending your book, I was born and raised until i was 9 in Bernard St, and your book brought the memories flooding back.
The trip to the Barra's,the carnival at Glasgow Green absolutely hilarious Ron.
Great website by the way!
All the best
Johnny from Canada
Just spent a great half hour playing all of the old TV theme tunes and looking at the old comics covers. Website is great and I think i will now buy the book. And I'm fae Edinburgh!
I can honestly say that the Toffs in the Tenement is hilarious,surprising,hugely enjoyable and totally different from any other book i have read about old Glasgow. I emigrated here with my parents when i was 10 years old in 1970, we used to live in Dalmarnock Rd and i remember all the streets, shops etc you mention in your book, ah the memories.
Absolutely brilliant Ron ! I for one can't wait for a second helping of the Toffs???
Take care and o' ra best fae Australia.
Superb Ron !
Just loved this book, so many laugh out loud moments and made me smile often. It gives a wonderfully atmospheric feel for life in the tenements of 1960's Glasgow and the author has a way of serving up the hardship aspect with a particularly incisive wit, capturing that wonderful Glasgow humour perfectly. The characters are warm and likeable and draw you into their lives making you really care about what happens to them so much that I find myself looking forward to the next offering from Mr Windward.
Hello Ron
I really , really enjoyed the Toffs in the Tenement, I laughed out loud so many times, the swan scenario in Richmond Park was absolutely hilarious, I now live in Canada but used to stay in Bernard St and went to Queen Mary st school in the 60s, any more books in the pipeline ?? once again Ron thanks for the memories and the laughs.

Derek Lomond Ontario, Canada
Hi Ron
Have just read the Toffs, O.M.G it is brilliant, I felt like I was at the "BARRAS" it was so funny Ron and so true to life.
Well done it was a great read and really cheered me up.
Laura from Perth, Scotland
HI Ron
What a funny book!!! I started reading the Toffs on the bus to my work and laughed all the way there, i got a good few funny looks, i couldn't put it down.
I am originally from finnart st bridgeton and knew all the places and streets,and the trip to the barra's brought back loads of memories.I have told my family in Scotland all about the Toffs.
Is there another book in the pipeline ?
Clare from Gateshead
Thoroughly enjoyed The Toffs and can't wait for your next book.I have put a link to your book on the GlesgaKeelies forum as I'm sure the members will love this wee book as much as I did.My husband complained bitterly about my laughing out loud reading the book while he sat next to me trying to watch a movie.
Hello Ron

I just finished reading the Toffs and i have to say well done !, i am still laughing at Mrs Campbell and the ragman, i havent enjoyed a book so much for years, I was brought up on Dalmarnock Rd and used Beatrices all the time, Thoroughly enjoyed it Ron. 10/10

Hi Ron, thoroughly enjoyed the book and think the translations on your website is a great idea especially for those who do not appreciate the 'glasgow lingo'!!
I've been translating for my grandson who is going on about the 'old money' so I gave him a lesson in pounds, shillings and pence, and told him about decimalisation.
I have had to order him his own copy of the book.
We just love these stories and find the whole thing hilarious, thank you! Keep up the good work, is there a book two coming soon? We hope so!!
Can anybody tell me what year the trams stopped going through Bridgeton cross ??


Craig Murray Transport and logistics student
To post 7 I have modern photos of the Cubie st post office which was once a telephone exchange, let me know if you want them on.

to post 3 I remember going to Helensburgh from that station. and IM sure you could get a train to Blantyre too.. Ill look it up for you..

Does anyone remember Dunsdales in Dalmarnock road, it was a big shop that sold tools, before Woolworths.
Does anyone have any info on the businesses in or around Poplin St, Bridgeton the names of shops, factories etc from 1950 to 1970 any info would be great no matter how trivial

Great website and would really like to hear from anyone who has memories, photographs etc. of the Post Office building in Cubie Street (built 1910)
For maggie may, that was the Booly at Dalmarnock train station, there was another station over at Walkers Pub, i used to watch the trains from orr st around 1965 i think.
For Alec from cumbernauld the pub was called The Station Inn the same as the one on london rd, the storries ran it and my cousin worked in it, hope this helps.
the train station was closed when i lived in bridgeton we use to walk through the tunnels one headed up to dalmrnock rd one went to london rd. we use to swing from the platforms on a rope swing! its opened up again and when i saw were i use to walk and play... its a wonder we didnt break our necks. happy days.
I remember the train station at Bridgeton X but can anyone tell me where the trains from there went to ??
For Jim Radcliff, im sure that shop was called Barbour Bros, i used to live in Muslin St, right facing Sacred Heart School,can i ask one , does anybody remember the name of the pub on the corner where John St primary school was, me and my wife have been trying to remember for years.
I remember beatrices etc , but does anyone remember the name of a hardware store that was just along the road from beatrices, it sold light bulbs etc ??