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I recently bought medals to a soldier who came from 65 mordaunt street he was killed in 1916 his name was clapperton
Lived at 276 Dunn St 19 45 to 1959 Had unusual 1st name for Dalmarnock caused lots of name calling still does went to Dalmarnock primary school then John st secondary
Who remembers the name of the record shop in Main Street bridgeton
This is a long shot but I'm trying to trace my dads family. His name was Joe Brown and was born in Bridgeton in 1942. His parents were Walter and Jeanie or Jean Brown. Any info would be great.
Hallawrerr! I was born in Bellfield St on the Gallowgate in 1944 but quickly moved to a single end in Hozier St when my da returned from the war. I grew up knowing the McFadyens , Bobby who was my best pal and Howard whose ma was Canadian. Next door was the Gaitens'. Flo used to entertain us weans by sticking beer tops on the soles of her shoes then tap dancing in the street. She was magic. I then went to Queen Mary St school where I met my first ever burd. Ena Finlay from Marquis St. who was gorgeous. She emigrated to Australia but I still have her picture in baby class. I've still to post that class photo from 1949 but I will soon. I also remember Sandra Murray, Danny Forrester, Margaret Espie and Maureen Brownlie from that class. Brigton then had many picture houses which were our biggest source of entertainment. The posh Olympia at the cross, the wee Royal where you could get scelfs on your bum sitting on the wooden benches. The Kings in James St, the wee Geggie (Premier Cinema) and the Arcadia nicknamed the Ranch because of all the cowboy pictures they showed. I remember whips and pearies, 'beds' and 'ropes'for the lassies and girdies and a million other things we did to amuse ourselves
Who remembers wee minors song from olympia cinema. We are the boys and girls well known as. the minors of the abc. And every saturday we.d line up .to see the films we liked and shout aloud with glee. We liked to laugh and have a sing song. Such a hsppy crowd are we. Were all pals together. Were minors of the abc. Luved itxx
Who remembers wee minors song from olympia cinema. We are the boys and girls well known as. the minors of the abc. And every saturday we.d line up .to see the films we liked and shout aloud with glee. We liked to laugh and have a sing song. Such a happy crowd are we. Were all pal together. Were minors of the abc. Luv itxx
I remember hammys bar well. Never out of it friday and sat. Had some grest singers in there. magge may by rod stewart alwsys reminds me of there lolx
looking for information on Rita McLaren born 1941 died 1989 springburn glasgow her mother was kathleen mclaren whiteford born 1920 Lochgilphead died 1987 glasgow Rita McLaren lived tradeston 1961 abbotsford place were she married John murray swan his father donald morrison swan and mother Alice b Revell born in Renfrew, Gourock also lived 1961 abbotsford place
1961 name on John murray swan and Rita McLaren her marrage certificate rita ( formerly rena ) McLaren whiteford occupation cinema usherette
her mothers name Kathleen Margaret whiteford occupation domestic servant
i was brought up with my brother john and sister alice catherine margaret swan any imformation on my relations friends school pictures were they lived would be greatfull thanks rita mcskimming john and ritas daughter my email

My granparents and great grandparents lived at 5 Dunn street above the Tap Bar her sisters lived across the road happy times growing up in the late 50's don't remember thinking I was poor didn't know what it meant my Grandad worked at British Ropes
i have been trying to get old photographs of cubie st school especially the football schoolteams 1951/52 is there any chance you never know i went there from 1947 til we left to live in england 1953
so many names i still remember from my home fordneuk street number 58 hope i might hear thank you

Hi. I attended Bernard st from 1965 to 1970 till it closed I remember my two teachers. Miss Douglas and pinty Boyd.
does anyone remember Hammys Bar from the 70s
i love reading all a but glasgow
Hello Ron, Just bumped into your 'Toffs' website by mistake and very glad I did.

I haven't had time to see it all but what I've seen I've enjoyed very much. A very well constructed site filled with nostalgia.


always remember logies when I see the little bank which you put a penny on its hand and pressed it and it wnt into its mouth and timpsons was where I got my first high heels all happy memories
hi my name is steven Rawlings we stayed in mordaunt st Bridgeton from about 1963 to 1971 went to sacred heart primary school then pirn st then st marys calton tnen I got a job as a sewing machine mechanic with the kidmar hosiery swanston st anybody remember me?was friends with davie winter Jamie hanna alec hunter knew johnny rosanki many others too many to mention great reading had some great times back then
Mind the time a wiz gaun back tae John st sec school efter ma lunch ... a hid cut thru fae Broad st to Fordneuk st using the back closes and hid ma heid stuck in a homework jotter... and near banged intae this man.... When a looked up a near died, it wiz Richard WIdmark the actor.. aw tan and blonde wearing a shortie light raincoat wae a belt... a jist stared at him.... he wiz ma mammy favourite actor but when a telt her ad walked intae him in Fordneuk st at ma grannys close she jist smiled, naebody believe me but aye it wiz him and later on a found oot he wiz here visitiong relatives and thote Brigton looked like Chicago wae aw the empty hooses at that time in the early 60s....
Kin anyone mind Jackie Dennis the wee kiltie singer coming tae Brigton.. his aunite lived in the tap flat at Tamworth st. aff Rimsdale st and we aw went doon tae shout up at her windae fur him haha... he came and waved tae us aw and ma wee gallus pal even got his autograph.. It wiznae Elivis but fur Brigton it wiz something back then in the 50s.
I was born 1954 brought up firstly 194 Dunn Street Then moved to 188 Dunn Street Bridgeton, I went to The Old Sacred Heart Primary School and made my Communion and Confirmation from Sacred Heart Chapel, I remember you could get into the chapel from the school playground, I also remember Sister Mary Magdalene, Brother Christopher and Brother Roberts, I also remember John Rozanzki, Roberto Fabiani, Alex Alexander from my class, I used to live next door to the McCulley Family from 194 Dunn Street then we moved into Wilsons house at 188 Dunn Street, I also remember the Hendry family and the McNaught Family, The children used to play football in the backcourt and in the summer weather Mums & Grannys used to sit in and around the backcourt with there cups of tea and doing there knitting and I also remember Adam from the chip shop a very nice person and Big Rose McCulley from 194 Dunn Street she used to always looked after all the younger kids in the area. And she wasn't bad at football, Rose deserves a mention for everything she did for all the younger kidsd, we may have not had much but we were all happy and contended children, fantastic memories from Dunn Street & Sacred Heart Primary School Brigton, But we moved to Drumchapel. Housing scheme then I went to St Laurence Primary and St Pius Secondary School, But shall always remember dear old Brigton (Lovely Memories) !!! "My name is john smith"
I was looking for any information about a skeleton that was found in a chimney in London Road. We lived in the house above the pawn shop and had moved to Ruchazie in 1966 and the skeleton was found a few years later. y gran sent the press to our door but my dad wouldn't let us speak to them. My email address is Thanks

Just bought your books and they bring back so much for me. I was six in 1968 and lived at 12 Strathclyde Street. I have such a clear memory of growing up there before we left in 1971 for the USA. I'm trying to locate any photos of that corner of Dalmarnock Road and Strathclyde Street and the surrounding streets. Any pointers would be most welcome. Looking forward to Toffs in the West End.
thaks fur the laughs ave went through the agony aunt and sore laughing.. brilliant..
Nice wee site and wonderful memories.. wiz jist looking at the space left when London road at the Cross wiz demolished and the back end in Olympia street and it looks so wee fur there to have been backs to play in.. I remember Tommy Gilmours Boxing Gym in Olympia st and the Railways pub that went right through fae London road to Olympia st so when the polis came efter hoors the punters aw ran oot the back door....The wee cafe and chippy on Orr st where we wid sometimes go efter the pictures.. and whit a lovely big hall the Olympia wiz.. loved it in there always felt like a toff.. the ushers met you at the main door opening it fur ye.. felt great in their maroon the same on a Saturuday morning at the Minors right enough as when the doors wheeched open at ten oclock ye could hear the cursing fae the usherettes who were poked and dabbed as the weans poured in screaming wae excitement.., oh a loved the Minors.. poor Uncle Sam in his tux didnae staun a chance wae the weans booing and throwing popcorn... a mind the Clyde team coming onstage wan night wae the cup... and a also saw Sylvia Syms the actress on the stage wan night when she wiz gaun tae the Cadora in Union st and stopped aff as they were showing her film wae John Mills. Ice Cold in Alex.. she wiz lovely..dae ye mind they fun a skeleton up a chimney at London road and Queen Mary st in an auld pawn..seems he d been breaking in and goat stuck in the lum years before and because it wiz the fair naebody wiz in the place and he must hiv died...they knew how long he d been ther wae fags fun in his pocket...
Absolute quality, enjoyed everything - thank you.
I lived at 3 Dalmarnock Road from 1954 - 1972. Went to John St Primary then John St Sec. Tennants pub was under the buillding and Caldwell's the bakery, (Mabel & Tilly worked there). Maxwells the sweetie shop was at the corner of London Rd and Bridgeton Cross, Cockburns the Chemist was at the corner of James St and Bridgeton Cross, Timpsons was at the corner of Dalmarnock Rd and Main St, Logies at the corner of Main St and James St, the Olympia picture hall at the Corner of Orr St and Bridgeton Cross and Vernal Brothers,Scobies and the Savings Bank at the corner of London Rd and the Cross. Dalmarnock Rd had Considines the undertakers, Dunsdales the hardware store, the Coop butcher and Grocers, theMajuka Bar, thr Home Bakery, Sammy's fruit shop at the corner of Dalmarnock Rd and Megan St (where the buroo and Acorn St Clinic were) the big shoe shop was next door to Beatrices, across Dalmarnock Rd was Crombies the off licence. Marilyn Virginia USA..... Thanks Marilyn I remember all the places you mentioned especially Beatrice's and Sammy's all the very best Ron.
I was born and brought up in dalmarnock. I have stayed in Baltic street, French street ardenlea street sunnybank street madras street castlemilk crescent. brought our boys up in ardencraig street. we now stay in maybole in Ayrshire .well love your site cheers. xx
Hi Ron. I am a bit of a novice with computers but got to you tube eventually. I managed to view one of your video's of Glasgow and one had a small bit with Tollcross park in it and the swingpark with very dangerous swings and a very very large chute with a tatty canopy at the top. I remember that swing park very well as I went there as often as possible! I can't find that video any more, has it gone for good? I really hope not. Can you help me trace it again?
Thank you so much for the gems you post in you tube and I look forward to more. I think the video I spek of was a rare colour one..


Ann Best.
Was born in 103 Swanston Street in 1963 stayed there till I was 3. The house was part of the railway believe the ground is now used by the travelling show folk. This page is brilliant now live in Largs.
Came across the site by accident and was 'amused' by the colour film from 1963 'Remember When' although it looks as if it was filmed mid 63 I was born late 63 and lived for the first few years of life on Craigton Road. I can just recall Glasgow as it was. In fact watching the film ALMOST brought a tear to my eye looking at the kids thinking what had become of them and how (in many ways) kids in those days suffered a hardship that kids nowadays have no idea and yet they played in much the same way. Although what I was thinking throughout was they wouldn't get away with that now. For example the play area where the kids are on swings is concreted, Health and Safety would never allow that nowadays.

Have sent a link to my mother and Aunt both of whom obviously were probably in their 20's at the time of the film and I will let you know what they say when they get back to me.

Neil McPhee
Like it
Oh what a great site I am really enjoying looking through it and of course reading The Daily Tenement.
I was brought up in Springfield Road at the Dalmarnock Road end across from the KitKat cafe
Magic! I really enjoyed this . I was brought up in Houston Street, Tradeston. All gone. Went to St Gerard's in Govan. It's gone as well. Thanks for the memories.
Can't stop reading. Brilliant.
Pure Dead Brilliant; and my wife, who's frae 'the drummy' thinks sae too!
Love old stuff like this don't appreciate it till you get older ..happy times xxx
Can't wait for your next book !
these photos bring a lot of good memories even though us weans had nae toys like noo a days the two boys it the tap photae remind me and wee stephen fieldin gone to catch the rats in the middens aye thats the bins noo a days for the educated am no fae the higher brainy person but maybe thats how they made oor school intae a museum scotland street keep up wi the auld snaps as these are gettin looked at fro all over the world never forget your roots looking forward tae see mer ae your work well done mibae ma wee da will be in the toffs in the flats because he was a caretaker in the flats at the gorbals x 66 norfolk court wee neily
was raised in brigton went to sacred heart/pirn st. schools,lots of happy days lots of good friends
Reminds me of my Childhood, and it's so funny, I'm Scottish, but didn't know some of the words Thanks for the excellent Translation. A pleasure to read, and to have meet the Author, Well Done Ron, look forward to your new book(s)
Absolute brilliant book, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading! Very cleverly written, excellent jokes, plenty a laughs and very amusing. Brings back all the memories growing up in the area, keep up the good work. Jim
great story about brigton as i knew it from 1930 tae 1960 when i flitted to beauly nr
e-mail is if you want to get in touch.
hi this story was very good my sister in austrailia told me to read it that she couldn't believe how good it was but i would love to know if this is fictional or real a in the book the family went to see they grandparents in castlemilk 20 machrie drive as granny macdonld did live there and i lived on the second floor with my mum and dad and two sister and all us kids in the close used to call her granny macdonald and go to the shops she also had a son that stayed with her called billy but he didnt see anybody he just stayed in the back bedroom all the time and he use to draw lovely drawing on the walls well anyway if anyone can tell me anything about this book please do i also remember when the men came and chopped that tree down
Hi, To Post number 2 The pub on the corner of muslin st and Main st was called Shaws Bar and across the rd was the Scotsman!! I lived in Megan St! My mum worked in Carmichaels fruit shops.
What a great read, I could not put my kindle many memories!! I came from Bridgeton, the shops that you mentioned all the memories came flooding back. Funnily enough I now live in the west end!! Thank you!!
Hello Ron
As my wife will confirm it takes quite a bit of effort to make me laugh, Chic Murray and Francie and Josie managed it and now i am pleased to say you are being added to my list.
The Toffs in the Tenement was a funny, original and hugely enjoyable book.
The Barra's, The Steamie, The shows in Glasgow Green, i remember them all and laughed out loud for the first time in years when i read your book.
I am really looking forward to The Toffs in the towerblock...... so get your skate on..... my wife wants to see me laugh again.
All the very best to you and yours
Charles Mc Donald
Hiya Ron
Just finished reading the Toffs in the Tenement on the beach here in California, what a laugh! I showed it to my American friends who tried to read it out loud, I am still laughing at their attempts to say 'Howzitgon'.....LMFAO..I moved here in 1980 after i got married but i am originally from 'The Calton' thanks again for a really good laugh Ron.
I just had to drop you a note to say how much my husband and I enjoyed The toffs in the tenement
I am originally from Dalmarnock Rd and went to Sacred Heart school from 1963 -1969 and then my dad got a job in London and we 'Flitted'.
It made a pleasant change to have a good laugh about the old tenements instead of all the doom and gloom, and it really was hilarious.
10 out of 10 Ron and we can't wait for The nairns' next outing.
Kind Regards
Maureen and Duncan
Hi Ron,
Loved the Toffs in the tenement i nearly spat my lunch out as i read it, the wee park keeper saying he was tortured during the war, "they nailed my feet to the floor and put a Jimmy Shand record on" brilliant!!.
You owe me for a pair of new trousers !!!

Cheers and all the best