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The Toffs in the Tenement and The Toffs in the Towerblock are the titles of the Amazon bestselling books by Glasgow author Ron Windward (The eagerly awaited third book The Toffs in the West End will be available shortly).


These hilarious Glasgow comedies are set in the slum tenements of Bridgeton Glasgow in 1968 and describe the trials and tribulations of the Nairn family.


After living in the affluent West End of Glasgow the Nairn's lose all their money and end up living in a single end flat in Bridgeton. They now have to put up with rough neighbours like the Campbells, mice, outside toilets, the steamie, and much more in this hilarious account of tenement life in 1968 Glasgow.


"Brilliant read Ron, Stoatin'"  Ross King,  Good Morning Britain


"Hilarious Ron, great read" Leah McRae, River City, 50 Shades of Maggie, Gary Tank Commander 



Amazon Reviews:  


A gem of a book

"Authentic to the time, the place and the people. Poignant and humorous. It has all the visual quality of a Budd Neil cartoon and the linguistic quality of 'The Steamie'. So glad I stumbled on this gem".

Jimmy H


I laughed till my sides ached.

"What a bookThoroughly recommend.Enjoy. Have a box of tissues with you as you will cry tears of laughter". Anne Murphy


I couldn't put it down

"This book is for everone who likes to look back on your childhood, I could not put it down I laughed that much my sides were sore,and I cried at the sad bits it brought back memories of your childhood days thinking I done that and we bought those sweets,how times have changed.If your looking for a good book to read

I recommend The Toffs in the Tenement you won't be dissapointed". Theresa


Laugh out loud and enjoy

"Just read, laugh out loud, and enjoy. This is the best "Glasgow" book I have read in ages. In fact I think I'll start at the beginning again!"  June McDonald


Takes me back to a time I loved

"Really enjoyed the book, the characters are so believable and likeable. Mr Windward captures the era so well, the hardships along with the humour, can't wait for the next instalment."  

 Shaun McGarvey


It was so entertaining, I laughed till I cried

"It was so entertaining, I laughed till I cried. Can't wait for follow up. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs cheering up."   Eugene M Toal


Best read for years.

"Best read for years, life as it was it the tenements, very true to life author knows what he's talking about."   

J W J Bourne


Fantastic, It is so funny 

"Fantastic, It is so funny, I am from Glasgow and the story took me right back to my childhood, Thank You Ron"  PCGM



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